Border Crisis Finally Hits Home in yankeeland!

(Funny how when reality hits, sanctimonious yankees get real loud. Music for the ears. ‘Squeal like a pig!’ – DD)

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Maine forced to house immigrants in hotels for the next year at cost of $1.9 million

(Washington Examiner) – Small communities not far from the Maine-Canada border have been inundated with immigrants who crossed the U.S.-Mexico border and ended up in northern New England homeless and unable to work.

Maine is the latest East Coast location, after Massachusetts, New York City, and New York state, to face major financial and logistical challenges as a result of the more than 2 million immigrants released into the country from the border 2,000 miles away since President Joe Biden took office.

Most of the newcomers crossed the border into Texas and are originally from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Angola, and they chose to go to Maine because of the growing central African population in the area, according to Jessica Grondin, director of communications and digital services for the city of Portland.

Approximately 1,600 immigrants, including asylum-seekers who must wait several years before having their claims decided, have traveled to the capital city since January. Portland has a population of 68,000 residents, making the influx of newcomers significant for the city government. (Shtuff happens! – DD)

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