Brandon’s Civil War on Energy Is Leaving Endless Collateral Damage in Its Wake

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(Daily Signal) President Joe Biden has declared he will “end fossil fuel.” Presidents have declared war on everything from poverty to drugs, but his declaration is much more sinister. His is really a civil war.
The combatants are heavy-handed bureaucrats harassing fellow countrymen who want to do nothing more than fuel their car, cool their home, or use their skills to supply energy or other energy-based products for their neighbors.
Unlike threats such as drugs or poverty, there is no widespread consensus on the “evil” of so-called fossil fuels. Biden’s espoused targets might be coal and oil corporations, but the collateral damage is you and me.
In deciding to “end” fossil fuels, the president—fueled by the left—has two avenues. He could attack the demand for affordable and efficient carbon-based fuels like coal, gas, and oil (try to encourage people to use less of them). Or he could attack the supply, making it harder to produce them in the first place. He has pursued both simultaneously—and as fast as Congress and the courts will let him…Read the Rest