But Joe Drove a Truck at Omaha Beach…

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Yes That was sarcasm – CPW
Biden Receives Avalanche of Criticism for His ‘Afterthought’ D-Day Commemoration

(WesternJournal) President Joe Biden came in for harsh criticism Monday after waiting until night fell to commemorate the anniversary of D-Day and relegating its observance to a five-line tweet.
“Today, we mark 78 years since D-Day and honor those who answered duty’s call on the beaches of Normandy. We must never forget their service and sacrifice in defense of freedom, and we must strive every day to live up to the ideals they fought to defend,” Biden’s official presidential account tweeted at 8:45 p.m. EDT.
The official White House website had no mention of D-Day either, focusing on sending aid to Central America, support for abortion and a “fact sheet” touting what a statement called “robust progress” on the economy…Read the rest at the Western Journal