Can the Cancel Crowd Be Canceled?

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A mob of Yale Law School students shouted down a bipartisan panel recently, and school administrators were too gutless to discipline them.

(Patriot Post) Yale Law School, the alma mater of three sitting Supreme Court justices, soiled itself this week when its dean, Heather Gerken, failed to hold nearly 120 students accountable for their rotten behavior earlier this month toward a bipartisan panel discussing civil liberties — one of those liberties being free speech. (Here, we’re reminded of the convicts on that doomed Con Air flight singing “Sweet Home Alabama” while the mild-mannered mad dog, Garland Greene, ponders the irony: a bunch of idiots on an airplane dancing around to a song made famous by a band that died in a plane crash.)
Free speech at Yale may indeed be crashing and burning, but Gerken did give ‘em a stern talking to. So there’s that…
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