Confederate Memorial Day Stone Mountain raises opposition

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(11 Alive) A planned observation of Confederate Memorial Day at Stone Mountain Park has again raised opposition from local groups.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans group revived the yearly event last year after it was interrupted in 2021 due to COVID. It was the first such event since a tense daylong standoff in August 2020 between white nationalists and neo-Confederates who’d gathered for a “Defend Stone Mountain” rally and hundreds of counter-protesters.

Despite calls for its permit to be revoked by groups including the Southern Poverty Law Center, the 2022 Confederate Memorial Day event was allowed to go forward by the state authority that runs Stone Mountain Park.

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That event saw a robust counterprotest, though a far less combustible situation than the street demonstrations in 2020 as officers kept both sides separated at the park.

Now, the Sons of Confederate Veterans are planning for the 2023 event and local groups are again calling for it to be canceled.

The event is slated for Saturday at the park, and the keynote speaker is slated to be Pastor John Weaver. He’s described by the SPLC as…

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