Confederate monument cases refiled in Superior Courts in Rockdale and Henry counties (GA)

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(Rockdale-Newton Citizen) The Georgia Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and its local camps and members have refiled complaints seeking damages for the removal of Confederate monuments from the Rockdale County Courthouse property and McDonough square in Henry County.

The complaints, filed in Rockdale Superior Court May 29 and Henry Superior Court May 4, seek to establish that members of the local SCV Camps 863 and 108 have “standing” to seek damages as members of the community. In addition to the local SCV Camps, individual plaintiffs include Rockdale residents Brandon Chandler, Joseph Underwood and Steven Camp and Henry residents Tim Johnson, Rick Polk and Robert William Gandy.

The plaintiffs are asking that the courts award damages equal to triple the cost to repair or replace the monuments, attorneys fees and court costs and damages, including punitive damages.

The lawsuits were originally filed in 2020 after the Henry County Board of Commissioners voted to remove the McDonough monument, and Rockdale Commission Chairman Oz Nesbitt Sr. made an executive decision to have the Conyers statue removed. Both of those statues were removed during nighttime hours and stored in undisclosed locations.

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