Confederate monument contextualization sign to be unveiled

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(Union Star) – On Saturday, September 16, at 1:00 p.m. on the courthouse green, Charlotte County will unveil a sign interpreting the Confederate monument that stands there. This sign, believed to be the first in Virginia, will place the monument in the context of the time in which it was erected.

Open to the public, the event will feature Julie Langan, director of the Virginia Department of Historic Resources and State Historic Preservation Officer, as keynote speaker.

Erected on the courthouse green in 1901, the monument with its statue of a Confederate soldier is viewed by some as simply a memorial to Confederate dead, a recollection of their heritage. To others it is a symbol of power, oppression, and a dark time in American history. The large, 30” x 54”, table sign presents both perspectives in an objective, factual manner, allowing the reader to decide for themselves how they view it.

With carefully researched text, and quotes and images from contemporary sources, the sign tells the story of how the monument came to be, paid for with monies raised by Confederate women and veterans and the local government, while also placing it in the context of post-Reconstruction Virginia and the erosion of hard-won Black civil rights. Erected during the Virginia Constitutional Convention of 1901-1902, the links to that event…

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