Congressman Chip Roy Signals Support for #TEXIT Amid Border Crisis

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(TNM) – In an unprecedented moment that’s resonating with many, Texas Congressman Chip Roy has made comments that are being interpreted as a signal towards the TEXIT movement, the drive for Texas Independence.

During a recent Rules Committee hearing, the Representative for Texas’ 21st Congressional District erupted in frustration over the ongoing border crisis. His impassioned statement, fueled by the continued strain Texas faces due to national policies, echoes a sentiment shared by many Texans.

In the heat of his frustration, Roy made an unexpected declaration: “At some point, Texas is gonna say, screw it enough. We’re gonna do whatever the hell we want to do.” He went on to clarify his position, stating, “I’ll be an advocate for that because the people in this congress are ignoring the people of Texas.”

This sentiment, shared by many Texans, resonates with the mission of the Texas Nationalist Movement: to secure and protect the political, cultural, and economic independence of the nation of Texas.

Congressman Roy’s comments serve as…

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