Cops have so much Surplus Military Gear they’re giving it to Ukraine

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Cops Have So Much Extra Military Gear They’re Giving It Away To Ukraine Freedom Fighters

Cops love military gear. For years, they’ve cultivated a mindset that pits them against the public in a war against crime — a “war” that justifies any collateral damage to the public and its trust in its protectors. The federal government has embraced this combative stance, handing out excess military gear to law enforcement agencies, provided they’re willing to say things about “terrorism” or “war on drugs.”

This transfer of military power costs nearly nothing (if you don’t count the public’s trust… and really, nobody in law enforcement thinks that’s worth tabulating). If you’ve got a self-proclaimed war on your hands, the only solution is war gear. And it’s all free — “free” as in “taxpayers’ lunches” and “from accountability.” US war machines march on, overly-outfitted by US military surplus efforts that give small town agencies a chance to play God of War on their home turf…

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