County Passes Official Resolution For #TEXIT

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Edwards County Passes Official Resolution Calling for Texit

(TNM) Edwards County, Texas, Commissioners Court has passed a resolution calling for the legislature to pursue a TEXIT vote consistent with the platform of the Republican Party of Texas. Citing ongoing problems with the Federal government and laying out Constitutional grounds for legal separation, the court made a claim for self-determination.
Commissioners laid out several grievances against the Federal Government, including the federal debt, usurpation of state sovereignty, restrictions on private businesses, restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms, and the abject failure of federal border and immigration policies, among others.
The resolution calls on calls on the Texas Legislature to put TEXIT on the ballot in accordance with planks 33 and 225 of the 2022 Texas Republican Platform, which passed with nearly 90% support of the convention…Read the rest