Cut to the Front of the Line! Asylum seekers find loophole in CBP app to enter US

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(ADN America) Migrants have found a loophole in the Customs and Border Protection mobile app that allows them to claim asylum at the border without previously making an appointment.

Launched in 2020, CBP One is a mobile app meant to serve as a portal for several Customs and Border Protection services to manage asylum seeker cases. Through the application, asylum seekers can submit their information and asylum application for border officials to review and grant an appointment for an interview.

The Biden administration has claimed that the immigration app is one of the only legal pathways for asylum seekers to get an appointment with an immigration official.

However, migrant Caesar Segura, found a loophole: the application’s fine print states that if “language barriers, illiteracy or technical issues” are presented while using the app, the individual can show up to a port of entry and request an interview, according to Border Report.

“I tried many times to…

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