Defending God, Family and Country – It’s A Southern Thing

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(The Prattville Dragoons) – I was listening to the radio on my commute the other day and a state representative was talking to the host, stating that her family has a history of supporting the military in service including the Marines but no longer. The host stated that from a Southern cultural perspective, God and country have been foremost ideals. But today, the military is woke and the POTUS administration is pushing an LGBQT agenda with promotions of such throughout the chain of command and there appears to be a concerted effort to interject American forces in regional conflicts in theatres from Ukraine to Israel to Taiwan. Many look at what transpired in Afghanistan and particularly the withdrawal and see no point to the sacrifice of our nation’s young men and our treasury in attaining no clear objectives except the enrichment of the military industrial complex and the DC and Wall Street profiteers.

For generations, God, country and family have been the foundation of the Southern culture. But today, God in America has been rejected, prayer removed from our schools and atheism and agnosticism dictating what is permissible in the public square. Yahweh and Jesus Christ are no longer recognized by our leaders as He who bestows our inalienable rights enumerated in the Constitution. The pedophile Islamic prophet Mohammed is given equal weight. Increasingly, our legal system views the Constitution as a living document, easily amendable and progressively interpreted and laws formulated based on secular notions. Christianity has been replaced with diversity and inclusion of faiths foreign to our founding fathers and our ancestors including those in direct conflict with our “Judeo-Christian” morals and values. Kwanzaa is…

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