Devil Dollars! US Mint Tells Americans to ‘Persevere’ but Drops GOD From Liberty Coin

(The government-supremacists used to at least pay lip-service to GOD on our money. Not any more. Now they want to show where their hearts really are. Just like during the depression when they printed the ‘devil dollars’ that lacked the legally required motto: ‘In God We Trust.’ -DD)

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(AmmoLand.Com) – The U.S. Mint has dropped the phrase “In GOD We Trust” on the 2023 American Liberty Silver Coin.

The new motto on the 2023 American Liberty Silver Coin says, “We Shall Persevere.” It’s not surprising that during the Biden administration, the motto on the “Liberty” coin isn’t about GOD anymore. Instead, it proclaims, “We Shall Persevere.”

That pretty much sums up what we’re doing, particularly as gun owners, under the Biden regime.

What does “We Shall Persevere” even mean?

When commanded to persevere, one of my favorite movies comes to mind, The Outlaw Josey Wales. Some of you may recall the scene when Jose Wales encounters the old Cherokee, Lone Watie, played by Chief Dan George, who talks about being told to persevere by the Government.

“You know, we got to see the Secretary of the Interior, and he said, ‘Boy, you boys sure look civilized…

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