SNN Exclusive: The Draft is Back! Government-Supremacists Want Our Sons (and Daughters) for Wall-Street’s Wars

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(Dixie Drudge) – War fever has gripped the world in a firmer grasp than at any time since 1941. Against the wishes of ordinary Americans, our ruling political class has been stoking this fire for a while. In an era of National Populist and regionalist revival, our self-styled elite will do anything (up to and including self-immolation) to retain their privilege, status, and life-style.

It began even before the Russian collusion hoax made Putin the household baddie. Not that he’s an angel, but this is the one trick he didn’t pull. Back in the 1990’s, the Clinton machine chose to share/sell American technology to China. Through that sharing and beaucoup ongoing espionage, leaders were paid to look the other way. Our own ruling class created a fire dragon from a highly populated gecko. Don’t just blame Dems. It’s Not just the GOP. This is a Uniparty endeavor.

It paid them well for a while. But now, to keep the wheels of Kommerce rolling they have determined the price must be paid. In blood. Of course, it will not be theirs or their children. It will be ours.

There is no Pearl Harbor or Trade Center this time. Not yet. America is disjointed more than any time since 1861. No one wants to serve in their shambles of a “woke” military after a useless 20-year occupation of Afghanistan or another desert war we found was based on political a wish-list. The volunteer service system is failing and recruiting is down for a reason. Our kids don’t trust our leaders. They learned from ours and our fathers’ experience as we were dragged through one third-world shit-hole after another all so a bunch of elites could get richer as we got poorer and they tightened their hands further around our throats.

Barring another ‘surprise’ assault on the homeland to bring faux unity (like in 2001) and boost recruiting, the government-supremacist crowd has only one choice – conscription. That will fill their depleted ranks. Of course, there will be a need for more big-boy toys to feed the military-industrial-media complex. That complex Eisenhower warned of feeds on cash and washes it down with blood. As stated earlier, it won’t be their kids’ blood. It isn’t called ‘selective’ service for nothing. Of course, to institute conscription, the elite need their bogeymen. That is why they jab at the bear and cautiously tweak the snout of the dragon.

Enforced conscription would be less popular today than even those Ivy-League elitist who want it. The draft is a bitter medication that has to be soft sold to us mundanes as a necessary evil. That is why in the last year there have been so many trial-balloon articles about failed recruiting and the need to reinstitute the draft. Expect more. A trickle will grow to a flood. The Big Lie will emerge a “Big Truth.” Conscription will become necessary for the survival of Mom, apple pie, and the uber-Amerikan way.

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