Does The Ghost Of A Confederate Soldier Haunt The Balcony Of The Historic Ryman Auditorium?

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(Whiskey Riff) – Step inside the doors of the historic Ryman Auditorium and you’re greeted by legends.

Minnie Pearl and Roy Acuff are seated on a bench in the lobby. Dolly Parton’s dress sits inside a case at the back of the theater, alongside Johnny Cash’s suit and handwritten lyrics from Hank Williams.

But is there somebody else roaming the halls of the Mother Church of Country Music too?

The Ryman has been the site of numerous reported supernatural sightings over its 130-year history. From the ghosts of Hank Williams to Patsy Cline, many have claimed to see spirits roaming about the historic building.

But there’s one ghost who seems to make his presence known more than any other: The Gray Man.

According to Joshua Bronnenberg, Museum Curator for the Ryman Auditorium, the Gray Man is the most frequently-seen of the spirits that haunt the Ryman, usually sitting in section…

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