Dumb Dem Senator Mark Warner Likens 9/11 To January 6

(How about Idiot Senator Mark Warner? What a JACKASS – DD)
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(Trending Politics) In an attempt to stay relevant, Senator Mark Warner followed in his President’s steps to make divisive remarks on the 21st anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the nation by comparing it to the January 6 Capitol protest.
The democrat senator appeared on CBS News “Face the Nation” on Sunday and gave such remarks without stopping to rethink what he was saying. Warner recalled the terrorist attacks, which traumatized the nation and led to mourning all around America as about 3,000 American lives were lost. He then proceeded to compare such a disastrous event to the Capitol protests as he said America needs to recall the spirit of unity felt that day to counter a faction he called “election deniers.”
Chuck Todd, the program’s host, opened by placing both events together…Read the rest