Endless Reconstruction

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Opinion: The Endless Reconstruction – Gregory Hood

(Prescott ENews) Respect for the dead arguably defines civilization. Mortality unites us. Corpses can’t fight back, so only savages destroy statues and mock the dead. Men do not.
Modern America has few men. Richmond is a once proud capital now hastening its decline into just another black slum. The city’s proudest feature, Monument Avenue, has been destroyed, confirming white advocates’ worldview: If you replace the people, you replace everything. African-Americans have nothing in common with Confederate heroes any more than they do with the Founders. Confederate generals fall today and the Constitution will probably fall tomorrow, if it hasn’t already.
Richmond didn’t just take down the Robert E. Lee statue. The city destroyed it, ignoring pleas to save it or put it in a museum. ISIS soldiers and the Taliban likewise destroyed non-Islamic art and buildings.
In Atlanta, the city council removed the magnificent “Lion of the Confederacy” statue because it couldn’t (or wouldn’t) protect it from repeated vandalism. This isn’t surprising, because Atlanta can’t (or perhaps won’t) protect its own people…
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