Erasing history, one Confederate street name at a time

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A distraction from the left’s more recent sins

(Washington Times) – Having already smashed the statutes of famous residents, city leaders in Northern Virginia are preparing to pull down street signs and redraw city maps.

Alexandria will hold a hearing on Nov. 30 about its plan to erase the names of Breckinridge, Frost, Early, Jordan and Forrest from various streets because the men for whom they were named fought on the wrong side of a war over a century and a half ago.

That’s merely the first volley. The list of more than 60 potential expungement targets will guarantee visitors are lost and GPS systems confused for years to come. Businesses finding themselves on rechristened roads lack enthusiasm at the prospect of printing new business cards and advertising materials. Homeowners will also be forced to update their address, experiencing one of the headaches of moving without any of the benefits.

The City Council already thought of this and has helpfully removed the pesky barrier of a democratic input. Instead of requiring 75% approval from property owners for a change to go forward, only 25% is needed if the street name is deemed “controversial.”

Actual facts are also not allowed to get in the way of…

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