Establishment of Arlington National Cemetery

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(HK Edgerton) – Because of ill will against the South held by Unión Brigadier General Montgomery Meigs, and the need for burial space for the Unión dead and as an affront to the Honorable General Robert E. Lee. Meigs received an ok to begin burying Unión soldiers at the front door of Arlington Estate.

Thus, turning the property into a literal Cemetery. William Henry Chrisman on May 13, 1864, was the first Union soldier. About a month later, on June 15, Secretary of War Edwin Stanford formalized the new “so-called) Cemetery as Arlington National Cemetery which earmarked the illegal seizure of 200 acres of Mary Custis Lee’s family’s property.

In my White Paper I define Arlington as a “Den of Indecency” with the Reconciliation Cenotaph being the only Decency in this Den. I would relinquish my own personal ill will towards Arlington because several Unión Presidents led by McKinley recognized the heroic actions of former Confederate soldiers in their service of Unión forces during the Spanish American War.

And so called for the Southern dead not only be buried in Arlington, but also for a Reconciliation Memorial to them indicative forever for their patriotic return to…

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