Eureka Springs (AR) Confederate Monument Here to Stay

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(Dixie Drudge) – Eureka Springs is a beautiful, historic small town nestled among the Arkansas Ozarks. Once famous for its healing waters, Passion Play, Christ of the Ozarks statue, and haunted hotel, Eureka has become a hotbed of yankee transplants, ex-Kalifornia hippies, and leftist political subterfuge. When locals decided to erect a monument to Confederate Veterans buried in the city cemetery, it didn’t take long for anti-Southern bigotry to rise its ugly head.

The same clowns who have repeatedly tried to censor the Christ of the Ozarks and the Passion Play were livid about a Confederate Memorial raised in a private cemetery plot. Thus began a long fight that it appears has now ended.

Koltin Massie, Commander of the Sons of Confederate Veterans’ Seaborn Jones Cotten Camp in Eureka Springs owns the plot and says he intends for the obelisk to be his headstone. .Since Grave markers are considered ‘Free-Speech’ and protected under the 1st Amendment the detractors of the memorial are SOL.

Massie and other camp members also decorate graves of Confederate veterans with Confederate flags, something within the rules of the cemetery but a practice that has also drawn the ire of anti-Southern activists.

According to KUAF: “At a recent cemetery commission meeting, a new rule was proposed and subsequently approved giving the commission authority over flag and plaque placement on graves in the future. Now, any individuals or groups wishing to place flags or plaques on graves not under their ownership must first obtain permission from the Cemetery Commission.”

However, this is sure to be challenged, since placing of flowers and flags on graves is most likely protected speech as well. Good work Mr. Massie and Seaborn Jones Cotten Camp SCV.

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