Eureka Springs Libs Just Can’t Quit! Cant Fathom the 1st Amendment…

(They just can’t quit. They know that grave markers, flags, flowers and other grave decorations are protected speech but they just can’t handle it. They must continue to harass and make their own lives difficult. With the exception of maybe obscenity, they have absolutely no say is what Commander Massie can put on his marker. If they keep it up, this could end up costing the city a lot of money… – DD)

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Commission denies request for addition to monument

(Eureka Springs Echo) – The Eureka Springs Cemetery Commission is rejecting the addition of any additional Confederate symbols to an obelisk that was recently erected in the city cemetery unless the Union side of the Civil War is also recognized.

At its regular monthly meeting on Wednesday, Aug. 16, the short-handed commission voted 3-0 to deny an application by Koltin Massie to add a plaque listing the names of all Confederate soldiers from Carroll County who died in the Civil War to the 15-foot stone pillar monument.

The monument has been a source of controversy, with two cemetery commissioners resigning their seats after its installation — although neither indicated that their departure was related to the monument.

Massie is commander of the Sons of Confederate Veterans Seaborn Jones Cotten Camp in Eureka Springs. The camp is named after Massie’s fourth great-grandfather, a Confederate soldier. Massey purchased the lot where the obelisk was built for $1,000.

“Koltin Massie has emailed me a petition to put a plaque on the monument out there,” cemetery commission chair LB Wilson told Glenna Booth and David Danvers — the only other members of the commission…

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