Fillin’ Station Nationalism, The Secret Plan

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(Father Dabney, Identity Dixie0 Every time we turn around, someone is asking the writers at Identity Dixie when are we going to reveal the secret plan, or publish a new manifesto? I understand their urgency, and I sympathize with these wonderful souls and the need to have it all spelled out. It’d be real nice to have a bullet point presentation, charts and graphs, with a mapping system to evaluate how this path to sovereignty is going to all work out. 

Well, if you come real close, so it’s just you and me and no one else is listening, I’m going to whisper something in your ear. Come close now. The secret plan has already been modeled, and it’s right there in front of your eyes. If you’re from Texas asking these questions, you’ll be shocked but not surprised by the unfolding of this magnificent plan. 

Any good strategy starts with the right questions. So, how do you go from a dream to implementation? How do you build excitement for something so ridiculous that no one would believe you if you told them it could be done? And then, how do you spread that dream, that excitement, so when it finally is right before you, it still mesmerizes in its simplicity? 

Well, it all started with a beaver, that’s right, son. This new strategy to capture the hearts and minds of the Southern people marched right out of Texas on…

Fillin’ Station Nationalism, The Secret Plan – Identity Dixie