FireArm Friday: A Pseudo-Registry

“Close To…A Gun Registry”: Texas Representative Worried About A National Database

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(Trending Politics) Representative Michael Cloud (R-TX) is raising awareness on a growing problem within America: The State’s violation of God-given, natural rights to protect life, liberty, and property.

Representative Cloud made a recent appearance on NTD’s Capitol Report and shared some alarming news about the encroachment of the federal government to monitor, track, record, and potentially act upon knowledge of gun sales and purchases. It seems obvious that in the wrong hands, information about gun ownership could quickly turn into a bloody mess. Would guns be outrageously taxed? Confiscated? To what end would they pursue goals of civilian disarmament?
There are no good intentions by the government if armed (pun intended) with any of this information. All we need to see is what happened in gun-free Australia and New Zealand …

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