Flagpole Dedicated To Confederate Soldiers in Georgia

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(The Advance) The Confederate “Stars and Bars” was raised on a flagpole recently erected on private property in Wheeler County adjacent to U.S. Highway 441. The property has been in the Harrelson family since the 1820s and is still owned by descendant J.B. “Angelo” Crowe.

The American Civil War ended 158 years ago, but the Harrelson family has not forgotten the sacrifices of their ancestors in that conflict. In a ceremony on May 20, Harrelson descendants and others gathered in Wheeler County to dedicate a flagpole in remembrance of four Confederate soldiers who are buried in the Harrelson Family Cemetery. Two brothers who never returned from war were also honored. No matter what your sentiments are about the Civil War, it was a tragic event that devastated families on both sides of the strife. The markers in the Harrelson Cemetery tell the story.

South Georgia pioneers Elizabeth (Betsie) Clark Harrelson and John William Harrelson had 13 children. Of their five sons who went off to war, only three made it back home; two of their boys are buried in Virginia. “That’s a 40% casualty rate for their family, and that is a big sacrifice,” said historian, genealogist, and author Hu Daughtry of Metter, who spoke at the pre-Memorial Day event.

By the time she saw her boys join the Confederate Army, Elizabeth Harrelson was a widow. Her husband died in 1855, but she lived…

Flagpole Dedicated To Confederate Soldiers – The Advance News