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(Padraig Martin, Identity Dixie) –

Generally, when a discussion of a Free and Independent Dixie emerges, there is an inevitable series of comments or questions related to foreign affairs and defense. Some objections to a Free South pertain to perceived threats to the South after it leaves the Union. Communist China or Russia will be in our backyard in minutes… Other objections are related to the commercial or diplomatic capacity of a Free South in a global environment. The South would lose the leverage it currently enjoys in the international community… Meanwhile, other objections are related to the counterterrorism or fears of Islamist extremism. We would be sitting ducks for Islamist extremists… The fact is that none of these fears are well-reasoned. The South would be well within its ability to defend itself and through a consistent foreign policy posture, there is far more that would be gained by the Southern people through independence than lost. Let us explore what the foreign policy of a Free South would look like.

First, we need to understand why this is important for Southern Nationalists. We cannot begin thinking of ourselves as a free people if we do not begin to think of the very real global implications of a Free and Independent Dixie. Independence movements are national in orientation, but they immediately attract both international attention and intervention. Any mature nationalist movement must transcend parochial concepts at some point. It is perfectly understandable that the focus of the movement is currently hyper-local and regionalized. This is an effort to redirect our political and social realities. Foreign policy, however, needs to be considered as the “next step.” What will a Free South do in an increasingly smaller and more dangerous world while sharing a border with definitively hostile neighbors to our north, south, and west? The reason that…

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