FREESPOKE: The anti-Google alternative

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Freespoke Offers Users a Search-Engine Alternative to Google

I for one am appalled at what Government Supremacists did to google, a once-useful search platform is nothing more than a propaganda promotion machine. I tried FREESPOKE. So far, it is like what a search engine used to be, unbiased, quick, and functional. Results based on crawlers and not censorship! – DD
(Daily Signal) Did you know that an estimated 90% of internet search queries are performed by Google?
That is an astonishing statistic when you think about one company’s market dominance and ability to shape public opinion through search results. It’s also highly problematic if you follow Google’s pattern of anti-conservative bias and manipulation of its search algorithm.
Todd Ricketts, co-owner of Major League Baseball’s Chicago Cubs, is challenging Google’s dominance by launching Freespoke, a search engine that promises unbiased and uncensored information for its users…Read the rest