Going Green Kills People

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From causing food shortages to malaria outbreaks, leftist policies to “save the environment” become deadly.

(Patriot Post) Concern for potential global food shortages sparked by the Russia-Ukraine war have highlighted, once again, the fallacy of the Left’s political agenda. Many countries that rely on grain imports from Russia and Ukraine fear famine, but there is evidence that the market will correct itself. The real problem is that years of wrong-headed leftist agricultural and energy policies have put unnecessary strain on global food output.
For decades, the Left has consistently chosen its own assumption of what is good for the environment over the health of humans. DDT, an important pesticide in combating malaria and blight, was banned in 1972 because of its supposed impact on various forms of wildlife. Popular history tells us that DDT was universally viewed as a poison that wrecked the ecosystem, but at the time the science was highly debated. (Sound familiar?)…
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