Gold coins, a toothbrush and a bullet in the spine mark Civil War graves (VA)

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(Southern Partisan) – The four Confederate soldiers were buried almost side by side. One still had the bullet that killed him embedded in his spine. Another was buried with his toothbrush and porcelain snuff bottle. And another was buried with two gold coins.

These were the latest discoveries to emerge from Colonial Williamsburg’s examination of a Civil War burial found last year at the historical site that served as the Virginia capital in the 1700s.

Archaeologists have been studying the exhumed skeletal remains of the four soldiers, as well as the bones of three legs amputated from other soldiers that were buried nearby.

And as they worked to identify the four men who fought with the Civil War’s rebel forces, they have compiled a list of 21 possible names — including four from a regiment organized in Lynchburg.

Jack Gary, the head of archaeology at the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, said earlier this month that a search of documents led them to conclude that the soldiers were Confederates who died after the Civil War’s Battle of Williamsburg on May 5, 1862. He said the researchers studied records from a church that served as a Confederate hospital, the sequence of events after the battle, the ledger of the local undertaker and later accounts.

The battle was fought amid rain and mud southeast of the town, decades before Williamsburg was turned into a tourist destination and emblem of the colonial era in the mid-1900s. Hundreds of men were killed and wounded.

The graves were found during…

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