Goliath ‘Smear Machine’ SPLC Has Met Its David

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(The Federalist) – Five years ago, Dustin Inman Society (DIS) Founder and President D.A. King didn’t know how he would be forced to deal with smears against his organization from the Southern Poverty Law Center, but that didn’t stop him from filing a landmark lawsuit against one of the biggest anti-Christian, anti-conservative organizations in the nation.

“I’m proud that we constructed a factual complaint that the judge observed ‘the plaintiff has the best argument,’” King told The Federalist. “All we did in the complaint was outline some — not all — of the facts of the case.”

The SPLC is known for tarnishing organizations with Christian missions or conservative ties by disseminating its 1,225-organization-long “hate group” list to Democrat allies in Congress, Big Tech, and woke corporations. The leftist activist organization has also gained infamy in recent years for galvanizing a Virginia man to attack the Family Research Council and the behavior of its staff, like lawyer Thomas Webb Jurgens, who faces domestic terrorism charges for targeting an…

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