Government Supremacist Liars, Cheats, Traitors and Killers

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(Prescott Enews) It’s not a theory if there really is a conspiracy. The conspirators are patient and have been laying the foundation for destroying our Constitutional Republic for a long time. The COVID overreaction was the catalyst that enabled them to put the erosion of our rights into overdrive. The non-response to the Antifa/Black Lives Matter riots was the engine that allowed them to speed up the breakdown of law and order in our country.
The only way a vibrant, growing economy, in a thriving, energy independent, peaceful country could be thrown into the economic, cultural and legal chaos we are in now, in less than two years, is by a conspiracy. These conspirators are liars, cheats and traitors and their policies kill people.
So who are the conspirators? The Democrats and their leader, Joe Biden, George Soros, the mainstream media, social media, “progressive” district and county…Read the rest