Government Supremacist McConnell Feels Threatened by Us, Wimps Out to Swamp – Again

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McConnell, Threatened by America First Candidates, Puts His feelings Ahead of Party During Midterm Elections

(AMAC) After such a difficult several years it’s thrilling to be receiving such great news for conservatives and, ergo, the country about the prospects for the midterm elections. All polls indicate a red wave is coming, and it proves that Americans have rejected the malign efforts by the left to convince us that living in a crime and economic hellscape is perfectly normal and acceptable. It is not.
Just a few weeks ago it became quite clear that voters did not like the direction of the country as poll after poll indicated the economy and crime are the deciding factors for whom Americans would vote. We can be confident this election will send a clear statement to the malevolent bullies running this country that we reject their policies and have the backbone to reject them as well.
Americans continue to get punched in the face by an establishment that eerily seems to manage to gut our financial future every generation, so it makes sense that we would like to give some fresh faces with new ideas a try. Instead, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s machine has transformed into the political version of Tonya Harding…Read the rest