#GovernmentSupremacist Desecration! Confederate names no longer visible on Ranger monument

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(Georgia Public Broadcasting) The names of four Confederate soldiers are no longer visible on a monument to U.S. Army Rangers at Fort Moore.

Army officials confirmed that the names have been “obscured” as they work to remove the names completely.

The actions are part of the law that this year also changed the installation’s name from Fort Benning to Fort Moore.

National Ranger Memorial Foundation chairman Joseph Stringham objected to what he calls the monument’s defacement.

“I personally saw to [the names] being removed so they wouldn’t make a big mess out of it,” Stringham said. “I was very upset about it because I feel that it’s in contravention of the laws that are on the books.”

He sent a May letter signed by more than 100 retired Army Rangers to U.S. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy asking Republican leaders to reverse the decision to remove…

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