Greg Abbott’s New Border Strategy Works

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The Texas governor’s willingness to deal directly with Mexico has yielded results. Conservatives should take note.

(Colin Pruett, The American Conservative) few months ago I wrote that policymakers shouldn’t be afraid to coerce Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador into complying with security aims:
The socialist president lacks the political capital or leverage to protect the cartels from American wrath, presenting the U.S. with an opportunity to decapitate major cartels with minimal martial cost and potentially political benefits. Given the circumstances, the United States has no incentive to respect the will of the Mexican president.
Since then, we’ve witnessed a valuable test case in how realpolitik can improve cooperation and enforcement along the U.S.-Mexico Border.
On April 6, Texas Governor Greg Abbott ordered the Texas Department of Public Safety to conduct “enhanced safety inspections” of all commercial ports of entry to the State of Texas…Read the rest at the American Conservative