Handing over control to Communists

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Cruz slams Biden ‘handing over’ control to ‘Communists’, who refuse to ‘call off their goons’
Cruz said the contemporary Democratic Party ‘believes in violence.’

(Fox) President Biden has ceded Democratic Party control to "Marxists" and "Communists" whose foundational belief in "mob rule" by, at-times, violent means is being borne out in front of Supreme Court justices homes again Monday, Sen. Ted Cruz told Fox News.
Cruz described how Justice Alito’s home near Alexandria, Va., and Justices Roberts and Kavanaugh’s in Chevy Chase, Md., are being besieged by unruly demonstrators – in a show of intimidation that Biden and Democratic Party leaders are content to sit back and watch.
"These images are the latest manifestation of just how extreme, just how radical, the Democratic Party is getting," he said…Read the rest at Fox News