Hollywood’s Lies

(Did you ever see a war movie that didn’t lead you to believe that WWII was fought by guys from Brooklyn? Funny. All those years in uniform and I never met anyone from Brooklyn dressed like me – DD)

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(The Abbeville Institute) World War II was a large factor in my early childhood. I lived with my grandmother. My father and his two brothers were in harm’s way (as were the uncles on my mother’s side of the family). We followed the newspapers and radio every day. Every day I took a 3-foot metal pipe, which was my rifle, into the adjacent woods to hunt Japs. One of my earliest clear memories is when Grandmother received the telegram that Uncle Paul had been killed in the Bulge.

So, I have an inclination to watch World War II movies. The best ones in the earlier days were British and the best ones today are Russian. There are some good and serious Americans films, but many of them have a comic book quality. I watched them all faithfully for several decades following the war. Like most Americans who were not actually there I learned World War II from the movies.

I noticed early on that the movies very seldom portrayed Southerners among fighting men, and when they did it was usually as bumpkins for comic relief. I know half a dozen films, almost the only ones with Southern officers, and in every case the Southerners are bad and defective and have to be corrected by their Yankee betters of lower rank. Of course, the Communists had already taken over Hollywood during and after the war. Presenting an accurate picture of American fighting men or of hated Southerners was not part of their agenda.

Box office required a favourable portrayal of Northern WASPS and ethnics, but…

Hollywood Lies – Abbeville Institute