Home Sweet Home? The Southern Quest for Identity

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Book Review of The Honorable Cause: A Free South (2023)

(Padraig Martin, Identity Dixie) From a faraway European perspective, it may sound odd to reminisce about the tragic history of the post-bellum South. College books in the U.S. and EU still portray the South in an anecdotal, quasi–Wild West manner, the North being depicted as the eternal beacon of humanity and progress and the South as a territory of always lurking ugly White racists. The process of demonization of the South is well described by one of the contributors to the book, Jude Ruffin, who notes how the Empire subjected the South “to every form of degradation, from the mocking of our speech to the lampooning of our national character.”

The Honorable Cause: A Free South, is a collection of essays written by people active in the cause of Southern Nationalism. It is valuable not only because of its throwing additional light on the rich Southern cultural heritage, but also because the contributing authors provide the blueprint for a better understanding of today’s racially polarized America in decline. These essays also serve well for a better understanding of the meaning of White identities, both in Europe and the U.S. An average Irishman, a Catalan or a Breton, who has never set foot in the U.S., let alone having any idea about the history of Southern culture, will better grasp…

Home Sweet Home? The Southern Quest for Identity – Identity Dixie