How The #TEXIT Referendum Won’t Split The Nation

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(Texian Partisan) All kinds of slanderous accusations have been thrown by the opponents of the Texas Independence Referendum Act: treason, sedition, illegal, and so on. Aside from the obvious Inigo Montoya response that “I do not think it means what you think it means,” Texas nationalists have plenty to say.

The TNM has spent decades fighting for Texas independence, and decades fighting misinformation. Rather than repeat all of the arguments here, let’s instead focus on one particular point of recent misinformation, the idea that a Texit referendum will somehow break up the United States immediately and result in war.

It is 2023 not 1861, and things are much different. In 1861, sectional and political differences led to secession and ultimately war. By the time the secession vote was held in Texas, six other states had already seceded. War began three months later. In those secession referendums, the results were nearly immediate. If the vote passed, the state had declared that they were no longer part of the United States.

The Texas Independence Referendum Act is nothing at all like 1861. There are no other states ahead of us, for one. We’re not riding a wave of “I quit.” We’re planning ahead…

How The Texit Referendum Won’t Split The Nation | Texian Partisan