How you can tell Arlington National Cemetery what you think about removing the Confederate Memorial

(No Reconciliation memorial. No Reconciliation! Respect was the price of peace. Elsewise, Arlington National Cemetery would not have all those later Southerners inhabiting it – DD)

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(We Are the Mighty) – It might surprise some readers who have never visited Arlington National Cemetery that the site has a Confederate section, just as it has a section set aside for the graves of dead from other wars. The Confederate section is section 16, in Stonewall Jackson Circle. It looks a lot like other sections, but there are a few noticeable differences.

First, the Confederate gravestones aren’t rounded across the top, like those of Union veterans and other American war graves. Confederate markers are pointed on top. The graves are also not arranged in neat, packed rows. Instead, they are in concentric circles around the center of the circle.

What’s in the center of the circle is the controversial Confederate Memorial, and that memorial is the latest target of the Naming Commission, the Congressionally-mandated board that has reviewed Department of Defense assets for honoring Confederate battles, individuals and the Confederacy itself. Since 2021, it has been directing the Secretary of Defense to remove those assets, such as plaques, battle streamers and statues.

The Confederate Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery is due to be removed and relocated as a part of the Naming Commission’s directive. Before it can be moved, the cemetery is asking for public commentary for the next 30 days, to get input…

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