If My Ancestors Were Traitors Then Why Should I Join Your Military?

(When the new ‘woke’ military isn’t meeting its recruiting goals. Vilifying more than 1/4 of the country is sure to help. Another great read from Mr Al Benson – DD)

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‘Southern young folks are beginning to wake up and realize that all this regime really wants is enough Southern kids to fill the body bags…’

(Al Benson, Jr., Reckonin’) – I got some interesting information off Gene Kizer’s website Charleston Athenaeum Press, website that many of you all are familiar with. Gene noted that 44% of our military traditionally come from the South. Bearing this in mind, this year, the army will end up about 15,000 shy of the necessary recruits for the year. The navy will end up about 10,000 short of its required goal, and the air force will end up around 3,000 short of its goal. There are several reasons for this.

One reason is the Biden/Obama Regime’s strong emphasis on “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” a radical leftist program that is radically short on the “inclusion” end when it comes to straight white males and long on the inclusion end when it comes to sodomites, lesbians and trans-sexuals, and others of the drag queen crowd. This is what the current regime wants. Whereas Communist China is preparing its army for war, our military leadership is preparing our military for the acceptance of

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