Illegal Aliens – Prisoners and Children – Exploited in Sweatshops

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How large corporations use illegals at low wages and long hours to boost profits.

(Liberty Nation News) Another day, another batch of fresh reports about outrageous labor abuse featuring illegal aliens in the Land of the Free. Tragically, once again the horrific Industrial Revolution specter of mistreated child workers is prominently featured.
On Nov. 14, Liberty Nation reported that the US Labor Department had discovered a major food sanitation cleaning company for meatpackers had “at least 31 children” working under extremely hazardous conditions. The company involved, Packers Sanitation Services Inc. LTD (PSSI), has been known to rely on illegal aliens to perform job duties that frequently involve serious bodily injury and even death. December brings more evidence of massive unchecked illegal immigration spurring a return to the working environment of America’s sweatshop days circa 1905…Read the rest