In Little Rock ‘Hug a Thug’ Doesn’t Work

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Vice Mayor Slams ‘Hug a Thug’ Plan as Southern City Declares State of Emergency Over Violence

(Mayor Frank Scott’s "holistic approach" is just as big a joke as local TV stations’ "Victory over Violence" feel-good campaign – Ed)
Violence is nothing new to the city of Little Rock, Arkansas. A quick search of “river market little rock shooting” will show that even the entertainment district is full of violent crime.
“Crime is trending down. Violent crime is trending down,” Little Rock Police Chief Keith Humphrey told reporters at a year-end news conference in December. He said that crime in the city had been reduced by half, according to KATV. (????)…
… Director Doris Wright said, “The loss of life is just astounding, and I look at it as basically a whole generation is being genocided.”…
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