Independence Day: A Southerner reclaims true patriotism – towards her own people.

(More and more Southerners are awakening every day. They are realizing it is right and just to feel god about your heritage and love your own people!
This is an excellent read all the way to the end so follow the read more link – DD)

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(Reckonin’) – I was working the other day, driving, and a military jet flew overhead.

Not unusual; there are a couple of military bases in the area. What was unusual was my reaction.

For the first time in my life, there was no joy or awe or pride. For the first time in my life, my emotional reaction was wariness; my subconscious interpreted the jet as a potential threat. The first thought that sprang to mind was wondering about the pilot: Was it one of the military’s diversity hires up there?

Something similar happened on July 4th this year. This year, Independence Day felt farcical, felt mocking, in a way it never has before. I felt no fellowship with the people who were celebrating with heartfelt, genuine patriotism; I looked around and saw nothing of which I could be proud. I looked around and saw Southerners flying the Federal flag, I heard them playing hackneyed songs from hypocritical singers who sold out long ago to moneyed interests who subvert any authenticity in the art, and I realized that there is nothing in this hollowed out corpse of a once- great nation to justify pride except history out of living memory; the legacy our rulers are so eager (and desperate) to denigrate, that they want to stamp out entirely – and us with it.

It felt so strange. I would love to be proud of…

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