Industry Experience: They’re Lying. ELECTRIC CARS POLLUTE MORE!

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Dixie Drudge – Having worked in the power industry for more than 30 years I can tell you that the propaganda the green weenies, government supremacists, and electric car makers are pushin is a total lie!
Electricity does not just produce itself. The bulk of it comes from fossil fuel. That’s the reason your electric bill has gone up so drastically during the Biden-induced energy crisis.
Those windmills are a drop in the bucket. Mainly just a PR Campaign.
The solar farms are pretty much a crop failure.
Those Batteries required for EVs require heavy metals. The nastiest mining and refining for the environment you can do. And most of it is done in the 3rd World where standards are low.
So don’t believe the hype. The technology to go green, doesn’t exist yet. Maybe 20 years from now. More likely 50, but not today. It’s all propaganda. All lies.
Besides, how are you going to charge an electric vehicle on a grid that won’t even run your AC?
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