Is Martial Law on Our Horizon?

(There are some people still around who remember the rude rule and roundups under the 101st Airborne in Arkansas – DD)

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(Counter Currents) – Martial law (definition): Military government, involving the suspension of ordinary law.

Emergency (definition): a serious, unexpected, and often dangerous situation requiring immediate action.

What is the likelihood that the American people will soon experience the governance of martial law? Extremely high, in my view.

What will be the trigger? Anti-Semitism.

How will it unfold? Emergency ⇆ Martial law

Martial law is always triggered by an emergency: a sudden, usually an existentially threatening event or situation requiring immediate action that involves the suspension of regular legal procedures with their constitutional safeguards of protection for citizens.

Martial law and emergencies display a bidirectional causality of mutual reinforcement. Emergencies are what give rise to martial law, and those who invoke martial law emotionally stoke the emergencies, making them even more threatening and conducive to expanding the reach of their powers, including the arbitrary power to punish those who engage in forms of dissent that are, normally, legally protected.

The COVID epidemic of 2020-22 was a test run of…

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