Is Secession the Best Way Forward?

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(Crisis Magazine) Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) made headlines recently by making a case for “national divorce.”

The phrase “national divorce” is a euphemism for secession, the process by which a political entity or entities, such as a state or portions thereof, voluntarily withdraw from a larger political entity or union. Ideally, this would be accomplished via nonviolent means.

What was Taylor Greene’s motivation? Certainly, the behavior of the federal government is a big motivator. Our general government is fiscally reckless: taxes and spending are out of control, and the upward trajectory for both are frightening. The federal court system believes it has the power to overturn legitimately passed state laws and tends to legislate from the bench. Treasure and blood are spilled in the pursuit of forever wars.

Politics has been weaponized. It is no longer the norm to have respectful disagreements; political opponents must be demonized and destroyed. Finally, the limits imposed by the U.S. Constitution on the general government are largely ignored.

But the primary reason is the culture war. Christians who abhor…

Is Secession the Best Way Forward? – Crisis Magazine