It’s Always “Opposite Day” for Leftists and Government Supremacists

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It’s Always Opposite Day for Leftists: Liberal Means Intolerant, Anti-Fascist Means Fascist, and Equality Means Hate White People

(NOQ Report) When Antifa became a movement in America, most of the protesting they engaged in involved acts of violence, including riots, arson, assault, vandalism, theft, rape and murder. Their name, Antifa, is short for anti-fascist, yet, everything they stand for IS fascist. Antifa’s foundation is based on hatred, tyranny, intolerance, inequality and contempt for the Republic they live in. Unfortunately, millions of Americans cannot recognize this front, this name they use that represents the exact opposite of what they really stand for and represent. Antifa is just the tip of the iceberg though, when it comes to false representation and lack of morals in America.
In America, Big Tech and Mainstream Media support Antifa hatred and violence 100 percent, pretending that everything they do is ‘peaceful’ and in the name of equality. The same goes for BLM (Black Lives Matter). When these fascist groups attack innocent people, including police officers, it’s always considered justified by the Left. Hate Whitey! De-fund the police, they scream, until they actually need the police to save them.
Those reverse-racism groups are based on intolerance of anyone and any organization that has white people, or straight people, or conservatives, or Republicans, or even patriotic Americans as members…Read the rest