Jax Dem Goes Nutty over Monuments but LOVES HAMAS!

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Controversy over FL Confederate monuments boils over

(Miami Times) – New legislation that would prevent Florida cities from removing confederate monuments and allow Gov. Ron DeSantis to remove local officials who approve those removals is exposing divisions in the Legislature, particularly in Duval County.

While bills blocking removal of monuments to the Confederacy have been filed before without success, this iteration for the 2024 legislative session actually offers new enforcement powers. In addition to giving the governor the power to remove these officials, it would force officials to pay back the costs of replacing or repairing the memorial out of their personal wealth if they authorized actions to flout this law.

Rep. Angie Nixon is only the latest Jacksonville, Fla., Democrat to denounce the legislative proposal, which is also being carried in the Senate by Republican Jonathan Martin.

“This bill would be just another slap in the face to our Black community, which has already endured so much. It’s also an unconstitutional overreach that is the latest example of home rule being stripped away from Florida cities,” said Jacksonville Mayor Donna Deegan.

Republican Rep. Dean Black dismissed criticism from Democratic Rep. Angie Nixon and in turn attacked Nixon for her unpopular resolution in support of Palestinians in Gaza.

Deegan promised on the campaign trail that the last remaining monument in the city, a tribute to white Southern women in what was once called Confederate Park, would come down during her administration.

Nixon blasted bill sponsor…

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