Jefferson, Madison’s homes become woke monuments attacking Founding Fathers’ legacies

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Founding Fathers’ legacies attacked as homes of Jefferson, Madison become woke monuments

(Fox) The homes of Thomas Jefferson and James Madison — Monticello and Montpelier respectively — are going "woke."
The driving force behind a rewriting of the legacies of these two great presidents revolves around the subject of slavery. 
That duly acknowledged, it’s irresponsible and problematic to view the lives, accomplishments, sacrifices, and mistakes of men born more than 300 years ago through a clouded and biased prism of today. And yet, that seems to be taking place in a disturbing way at both homes thanks to the dictates of some liberals and Democrats who help run both The Thomas Jefferson Foundation and The National Trust for Historic Preservation which owns Madison’s beloved Montpelier… Read the rest