Just Plain Stoopid! Illegals and TSA

Illegals Can Now Use Arrest Warrants As Identification To Fly: TSA

Zero Hedge: Illegal immigrants worried about having proper identification to fly can now use an arrest warrant as an alternate form of ID when presenting to airport security, according to a TSA letter obtained by the Daily Caller.

Responding to Republican Texas Rep. Lance Gooden’s Dec. 15 inquiry about illegal migrants flying across the country, TSA Administrator David Pekoske explained that certain Department of Homeland Security (DHS) documents may be considered acceptable forms of alternate identification for non-citizens, including a “Warrant for Arrest of Alien” and a “Warrant of Removal/Deportation.” -Daily Caller
"TSA’s response confirms the Biden Administration is knowingly putting our national security at risk," Rep. Gooden told the Caller, adding "Unknown and unvetted immigrants shouldn’t even be in the country, much less flying without proper identification."

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