Keep It Flying! Stone Mountain City Council debates Confederate ‘stars a nd bars’ flag in cemetery

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(Decaturish) During a May 16 Stone Mountain City Council meeting, a vote on a resolution to remove the Confederate flag flying in the Stone Mountain Cemetery failed with three votes for, two against, and one abstention.

Councilmember Clint Monroe raised the issue of the flag, citing the city code that says, “No flag, plaque, banner or emblem shall be displayed on city property without an affirmative resolution of the city council approving such display.”

“This is content-neutral, black-letter law,” Monroe said. “It’s against the code and should be taken down…period.”

The flag was raised by a group celebrating the “loyalty and valor of the Confederate soldier” on April 22. In the ceremony which took place in the cemetery, several flags were on display, however, most were taken down by the group when they left, other than the “stars and bars” flag which is still waving at 1025 Silver Hill Road at the entrance to the city. The stars and bars flag is different from the more commonly known and more notorious…

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